Approach to Project Management

Moelich Project Management’s business philosophy is based on the principles and experience of Johan Moelich, P.Eng., MBA, its founder, President and CEO.

Johan Moelich is an entrepreneur, professional executive and consultant, specializing in project management. His professional career spans more than 40 years in engineering, business management and project management. He is a licensed professional engineer in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, Canada. He also holds a master’s degree in business administration. Johan co-founded and managed Sims Moelich Associates, a successful and well respected project management firm. His experience includes complex health sciences, data processing, educational, commercial, industrial facility and civil engineering projects.

Moelich Project Management is entirely independent from other businesses in the facility management, planning, design and construction industry. Our allegiance is only to our clients and their projects. Our clients appreciate that we:

  • Bring many years of practical business and project management experience to bear on every assignment
  • Operate with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity
  • Treat every assignment as unique, worthy of proper analysis and custom-made solutions
  • Identify and solve issues using professional management techniques and tools
  • Operate as an extension of our client’s organization
  • Are equally comfortable to work independently, lead teams or participate as team members
  • Are flexible in our ability to fit in with and complement our clients’ resources to round out their teams
  • Breed a sense of success on our projects, which inspires and encourages everyone who works with us